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November Art Show: Marika Grossman

Please stop by the Ethel Weymouth Galley this November to view the work of papercut artist Markia Grossman. 


  Artist Statement:

"A blank piece of paper intrigues me with its vast ocean of possibilities - ways of transformation into a work of art, a story. Papercutting is a natural way of expression for me, a quest akin to that of a sculptor: begin a dialogue with the blank state of a medium, understand its essence and reveal it to eyes by chiseling away, or cutting out, those chips of stone, or paper scraps, that veil the soul. The lace of intertwined shapes and empty, cut-out, spaces, have always reminded me of a tree – with its leaves, brunches, buds, creatures that live in its sphere - birds, insects, bees, squirrels - children in tree houses, parents, families in homes around, lives, stories, people, worlds – a Tree of Life indeed. It is this Tree that I celebrate in my papercut stories. In my work with paper I am inspired by Hans Christian Andersen, with his tales and his scissors - a storyteller like no other.”


Artists in the community are encouraged to apply to exhibit their art in the gallery. Please contact the library for more information. 646-8181

Ethel M. Weymouth Art Gallery
The Ethel M. Weymouth Art Gallery was established in January 2003 by the Friends of the Wells Public Library and Stephen Bahre. Mr. Bahre was Library Director from 2000 to 2003 when he passed away.  The Gallery, located near the front of the library, provides exhibit space to local artists. Opening receptions are held for each show usually on the first Saturday of the month from 11:00- 12:30.

The Gallery is open year round during Library hours.

Click here to learn more about exhibiting in the Ethel M. Weymouth Gallery.

The "Tree of Life" stained glass window
 located in the middle of the Gallery, was designed by artist
Susan Pratt-Smith and the library staff in memory of Stephen Bahre.