"The Fault in Our Stars", by John Green...

"Ms. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", by Ransom Riggs...

Welcome to the Exclusive Teen Site!
Take a look around and find new books to read and hear about events at the library!
The Wells Public Library has tons of great Young Adult books - and we can get books from any library in Maine, so just ask us if we don't have a book you want. We can usually get it pretty quickly! You can read all day in our cozy teen corner - it has great comfy chairs, and study tables! You can use wireless here, and print!
We also have great events for teens, so stay tuned for news!
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The Hunger Games Party is Here!
Celebrate the books and the new movie release!
Join us Wednesday, March 21st at 6:15 pm for our second Hunger Games party!
Come in your craziest Capitol costumes and compete in archery practice (Nerf style), book trivia, and more!
Some Peeta-worthy treats will be served, and we will get excited for the upcoming movie!
Check out the IMDB page for all the latest movie info! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1392170/
Or look at www.mockingjay.net for exclusive interviews and day-by-day filming progress!

Are you a Brainy Teen?
Find your equally-smart peers here!
New online magazine for geeks, smart kids, nerds, whatever you call yourself, here is the place to be! Check out articles, forums, and notes from the 'Retro-Geeks" - adults who survived high school as a brainy kid. Even if you leave your entire high school in the dust when it comes to grammar, math, or whatever you are best at, you will find people here who know what you are talking about!
Remember the Brainy Teen mantra:

I am smart!  I look great! And I can do ANYTHING I set my extraordinary mind to!

Beat Cyberbullies
Cyberbullying is a big deal. Be prepared so you know how to handle a situation.
It is important to get the tools you need to defend yourself or a classmate against cyberbullying. Online bullying or teasing is deeply hurtful and dangerous. But you can take steps to learn how to deal with bullies and get help for yourself or a friend.
Follow the link below, and scroll down to the "Resources for Kids and Teens". Explore those links, and always tell someone you trust if you are being bullied. You are never alone.

Harry Potter is over, now what?!
Or, what other books are being made into movies??
Good question! There seems to be a major trend right now of YA books being converted into movies. All the details are below, in this awesome blog. They're not all fantasy, either!
Vampire Acadamy, Wings, Fallen, Shiver, Luxe, and more, not to mention The Hunger Games!
Part One: http://parafantasy.blogspot.com/2011/07/ya-books-turning-into-movies-2012.html
Part 2: http://parafantasy.blogspot.com/2011/07/ya-books-turning-into-movies-part-2.html
Also cool? The blog listed above is written by a teenager! Nice work, Ezmirelda!

Bored, and/or looking for a new favorite author?
Curious about the people behind your favorite books?
This site has about 20,000 interviews with YA authors...ok that's a bit of a lie. But there are a lot. Happy reading!