Wells Public Library - Wells, Maine
Wells Public Library

The Staff of the Wells Public Library
Devin Burritt
Library Director
646-8181 ext. 206
Allison Herman
Assistant Library Director/ Youth Services Librarian
646-8181 ext. 202
Kristi Bryant
Adult Services Librarian
646-8181 ext. 205
Sandy Patrick
Coordinator of Patron Services
646-8181 ext. 203
Melissa Wing
Library Administrative Assistant
646-8181 ext. 204
Anne Mosey
Library Cataloger
646-8181 ext. 207
Library Assistant
Jennifer Robinson
Library Assistant
Taunya Stevens
Library Assistant
Shaun Rowe
Building Maintenance

The Wells Public Library Board of Trustees
The Wells Public Library Board of Trustees is comprised of nine officials elected by the residents of Wells. The Board serves as the governing body of the library for the public to whom the library belongs. As such the Board is delegated both legal and practical responsibilities which deal with the operation of the library. These delegated duties are a public trust. It is the obligation of each Trustee, therefore, to know the library, its basic mission, its strengths, and needs, and to plan for the library’s future. The Board’s single purpose, as advocates of the library, is to meet the needs of the community. Their meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in the meeting room of the library. The public is welcome to attend. For the date of their next meeting, please visit our calendar.
Board Officers:
Chair:         Amy Anderson
Vice Chair:  Dawn Steere
Treasurer:   Walt Leffler              
Secretary:  Charlotte Streeter
Board Members:
Jacqueline Boyko
Maureen Conners
Alice Schleiderer
Lisa Hubbard
Kristen Thompson
Trustees Pictured Above. Front Row(Walter Leffler, Charlotte Streeter, Lisa Hubbard, Amy Anderson)
Back Row(Jacqui Boyko, Alice Schleiderer, Maureen Conners, Dawn Steere, Kristin Thompson)
Updated July 2015