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Bulletin Board and Handout Policy

The purpose of posting notices or making handouts available in the Library is to inform people in the community about local educational, cultural, and service oriented programs.

The library has a 4-sided bulletin board kiosk, rear entrance bulletin board, and display racks and shelves available for notices and handouts. Preference will be given to nonprofit organizations and local events. A portion of these and other library spaces is reserved for official Town of Wells postings and Wells Public Library postings.

Following are guidelines for use of the Wells Public Library bulletin boards and handout display spaces:


  1. Placement of notices and handouts is at the discretion of the Library Director. Special consideration is given to the location of the event or service, space available, time of the event and length of time the Library has had the material.

Following are categories of notices and handouts that may be posted in order of priority:

  1. Information of library programs, events, activities, and services, and public notices from the Town of Wells
  2. Information of community interest offered by non-profit organizations with community affiliations
  3. Information regarding contests or solicitations, notices of merchandise or services for sale, notices of sales or auctions may be displayed inside the library if the event or service is for the benefit of a local non-profit organization
  4. Information of cultural, educational, religious or recreational activities providing that it does not contain language reflective of proselytizing or recruitment
  5. Information of a commercial nature that advertises the services or events of for profit establishments. This information may not be posted within the library but may be posted in the rear entrance bulletin board or the display racks in the front entrance at the discretion of the Library Director or designee
  1. Members of the public are not permitted to post notices or handouts. Only authorized Library personnel may post notices on the Library bulletin boards or place handouts in the library.
  2. Any notices or handouts to be considered for posting must be submitted to a librarian for approval before posting by the Library Director or designee.
  3. Notices and handouts posted without authorization will be removed.


A. Notices and handouts must be of satisfactory quality and the content must be deemed by the Director to be acceptable to normative community standards for all ages.

B. The size (physical dimensions) of notices and handouts can be restricted if deemed necessary to maximize available space.

C. Political postings that advocate a specific party or candidate, and postings that promote a stance on a public issue will not be displayed. Political signs and solicitation of any kind are not allowed on Library property.

D. At the discretion of the Library Director or designee, materials providing general information on local, state or national issues may be posted on the bulletin boards.

E. Notices of public hearings will be posted at the library and notices of elections and sample ballots will be posted before each election.

F. All notices and handouts must contain the name and contact information for the group sponsoring or benefiting from the event, and the date and location of the event.


A. The Library staff, Board of Trustees, and Town of Wells do not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of organizations permitted to post notices or handouts in the Library, nor will the Library accept responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in such materials.

B. The Library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any item accepted for posting.

C. The library has the right to refuse, rescind, or remove any material that does not meet these criteria or any other regulation that may be stated in this policy.

D. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in denial of future posting privileges.

Right of Appeal:

Appeals to this policy may be made according to the “Policy on Appeals of Library Decisions Involving Library Policies.”

Created October 9, 2009

Approved by the Board of Trustees October 14, 2009