The Reference Desk - this is where you find our excellent Reference Librarian, Kristi Bryant! Kristi can help you find just about anything in the non-fiction stacks

A cozy table located at the back of the nonfiction stacks. Possibly the quietest section of the library!

The non-fiction stacks, organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Find what you are looking for by doing a subject or title search in the Minerva card catalog computers, then look for the call number!

"Cottage by the Sea" stained glass by Susan Pratt-Smith, donated by the Friends of Wells Public Library.

Study carrels located in the non-fiction stacks. While our library is not always silent, these carrels will give you a little bit of privacy to get your work done.

We stock about 85 different magazines. The newest magazines are kept in the plastic sleeves, but you may check out back issues, up to five at a time