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Blind Date with a Book
Rate Your Date

In February, 2014 we celebrated the Love of Reading with Blind Dates with A Book.  We wrapped books in beautiful wrapping paper and asked people to choose a book as a "Blind Date" with a book!  After they had read the book, we asked them to fill out a Rate Your Date form!  Here is one of the responses we received:
Book Title:  The Dangerous Lord
Your Rating:  "I'm in Love!  Can't wait to read more like this book!"
The comment on the back:
"Thank you so much for doing this again.  I love experiencing books that I would probably never choose on my own.  I was surprised to find how much I liked this book, as it is a genre I normally wouldn't have chosen.  Now I am excited to read more from this series:)

Thanks for Tax Help
From Cindy

In March, 2014, our patron Cindy wrote us to thank us for the Free AARP tax help she received. 
"I want to thank  the library for allowing AARP Tax Help Service to use the meeting room for residents getting their taxes done.  I'm disabled permanently and this helps me out financially and also with stress of understanding and preparing taxes myself.  I strongly hope this benefit will continue.  Thank you!  Cindy

New in Town
By Kathleen Sprout

I arrived in Wells from Arizona in August of 2011.  I was 80 years old, had recently been widowed and decided to try to fin a small town in Maine where I could walk to the beach and see the ocean in winter.
My laptop got broken in the move so I needed to use the computers at the library.  My skills at accessing the internet were limited, but the staff there provided me with their expert and willing assistance so that I was able to work through selling my Arizona property and managing my new life style.
From answering my many questions about Maine and Wells in particular, to guiding my reading choices, the library then introduced a Knit and Crochet group.  I had begun volunteering at the Elementary School Tuesdays through Thursday so a Friday group fit my schedule perfectly.  Soon, Friday became special as having a group of individuals to visit with and maybe shop and have lunch with, my life in Wells has become a fufilled and happy one.
So yes!  Having a library has made a real difference in my life!! Thank you!!
By Kathleen C. Sprout.

How the Library Helps our Community
By Jill Trotier
"I have a lot of varied interests and the Wells Public Library is always able to meet my needs. If I can’t find what I want, I just request it and usually within a week I have it. The librarians are very friendly and helpful as well.” Jill Trottier
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