Wells Public Library - Wells, Maine
Wells Public Library

Check out a Kill A Watt Detector from Your Library!
The Kill A Watt® electricity monitor and tool kit is on loan from the Wells Public Library as part of a state-wide community outreach campaign by Efficiency Maine. One of the most requested and popular "whodunits" at public libraries around, the Kill A Watt® is not the latest mystery novel but rather an electricity usage monitor and educational tool kit available for free checkout from the library. The monitors will help Mainers detect the "energy thieves" in their homes, and the tool kit will help them put the lid on power consumption by appliances and electronics in their homes and businesses.
You can check out a Kill A Watt® monitor, just as you would check out a book, at no charge. These monitors simply plug into electrical outlets and then allow a consumer to plug in any appliance to get a readout on how much electricity the appliance uses and then calculate how much money it's costing.
Stop by the Library to borrow a Kill A Watt detector today!