Wells Public Library - Wells, Maine
Wells Public Library

How to Check Your Library Account and Cancel Requests
By following the steps below you can see the items you have checked out,  when the checked out items are due, any fines that are owed for overdue items, the address and phone number we have on file, and cancel requests for items that you no longer need.
How to access your Patron Record:
1.  Go to the Wells Public Library website at www.wellslibrary.org
2.  Click on the Search Our Minerva Catalog button from the blue section on the left side of the screen.
3.  Click on the Patron Record button that is displayed under the search box.
4.  Type your first and last name in the top box (e.g. John Smith).
5.  Type your 14 digit Wells Public Library card number in the bottom box.  Do not type spaces, just numbers.
6.  Click the Submit button.
7.  You will see a screen that says My Record.
8.  If you have placed requests for items, you can view your requests by clicking on the link that says "____ Requests (holds)".
9.  Now if you need to, you can cancel all requests, or select certain requests that you would like to cancel.
10. To select certain requests to cancel, place a check in the box next to the items you would like to cancel and then click on Cancel Selected.
Use the Cancel All button to cancel all requests simultaneously.